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Library Volunteers

Classroom Library Coordinators:  

Each parent volunteers from each classroom will be responsible for the following:

1) Volunteers will ensure that students have returned their previous week(s) books before allowing students to check out new book(s).

2) Volunteers will assist students in selecting library book(s).

3) Volunteers will assist in completing the check in and check out processes.

4) Volunteers need to be at library at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled library time and stay at least 10 minutes afterward to re-shelve.

DLS Spanish Program Library Time Table 


 #   Time Grade Teacher
 TU-1 8:10-8:50AM 4th Grade Miguel Ortega 

 TU-2 10:20-11:00AM 1st Grade    Esther Movilla 
 TU-3 11:40-12:20PM 5th Grade Benjamin Gonzalez
 TU-4 12:30-1:10PM 2nd Grade Carla Jimenez
 TU-5 1:00-1:40PM  3rd Grade Sebastian Kadamany 


 # Time     Grade    Teacher
 TH-1 8:10 - 8:50AM 3rd Grade Daniel Fuentes
 TH-2 8:50 - 9:30AM Kindergarten Madeline Gonzalez
 TH-3 10:20 - 11:00AM 1st Grade     Mari Martinez
 TH-4 11:45 - 12:25PM Kindergarten Diva Vasquez
 TH-5 12:30 – 1:10PM 2nd Grade Ramon Gonzalez
 TH-6 1:30 - 2:10PM 3rd Grade Eva Doblas 

If you are interested in volunteering as the Classroom Library Coordinator for your child in the Spanish program,  Please email Carolyn Midland Valdez at cmidland@yahoo.com.

Mandarin Library, Ongoing:  Contact parent Barbara Price at barb@thirdoption.info to volunteer.
English Library, Ongoing:  Contact parent Lisa Peloso at lpeloso1@yahoo.com to volunteer.