Parent volunteers at the Denver Language School help make events happen, raise funds, build community, and support the teachers and students. This volunteering serves as one of the key drivers of the overall success of the school. Beyond helping all of the kids at DLS, volunteering is a fantastic way to get involved in the DLS community. Each family is strongly encouraged to volunteer their time and talents, either individually or as part of a committee. There are a variety of opportunities available to fit most schedules. All DLS families are asked to volunteer 15 hours each school year.

Joining the PTA counts as one hour - get started here!

Current Volunteer Needs

PTA Projects that currently need volunteers are:

  • Middle School Dance Chaperones - Thursday, April 27 6-8pm We need 2-3 chaperones for the middle school dance. Please email volunteers@dlspta.org if interested. 

  • Art Show Volunteers - Friday, April 21 4-7pm Art Show - We need several volunteers for the Art Show. Sign up here.

  • Kickball Tournament Organizers - Sunday, May 21 - We need volunteers to organize and plan the event. Time commitments range from an hour to being a referee for a game. Help make the event a success and email volunteers@dlspta.org if you’re able to volunteer. 

  • East Campus Lunch Room Helpers - The kids at East Campus need some further instruction on the art of disposing their lunch. We could use a volunteer for each lunch shift to help kids compost, recycle, and throw away - and learn a little about their impact to the Earth. It is also a great way to see your kid during the school day! Sign up here. 

  • Ongoing:  EAST Science Room Supply Clean Up - The middle school science teacher needs ongoing help keeping the science room supplies in order. This is a task that will occur weekly. We'd love volunteers that could help with this on a regular basis. The work can be done at home - it just requires picking up the dirty supplies at East and returning them the next morning. Sign up here.

  • We need volunteers for general help at both campuses. Stay tuned for sign-up opportunities, visit the Volunteering page for more information, or please email volunteers@dlspta.org.

If you have questions about volunteer opportunities at DLS or need a Signup.com sheet generated, please contact the volunteer coordinators at volunteers@dlspta.org

Event Volunteers

To sign up for ongoing event volunteer opportunities, please open the following electronic form (click the links - checkboxes are not clickable).

(To view the complete form, hover over the form and click on pop-up icon on the upper right corner or click here.)

If you have a specific skill you would like to donate (for example, a parent who owns a printing business donates all the school's banners) or an idea of how else you would like to contribute, please email volunteers@dlspta.org

Page last updated 13 April 2017