Parent volunteers at the Denver Language School help make events happen, raise funds, build community, and support the teachers and students. This volunteering serves as one of the key drivers of the overall success of the school. Beyond helping all of the kids at DLS, volunteering is a fantastic way to get involved in the DLS community. Each family is strongly encouraged to volunteer their time and talents, either individually or as part of a committee. There are a variety of opportunities available to fit most schedules. All DLS families are asked to volunteer 15 hours each school year.

Joining the PTA counts as one hour - get started here!

Current Volunteer Needs

PTA Projects that currently need volunteers are:

  • Moving Help Needed. 

    Since DLS is beginning construction of the 5th grade wing right after school ends, the Move Team is requesting volunteers for two projects:

    • June 4th-June 6th.  They need support moving some furniture and boxes from the 5th Grade wing at East Campus into the cafeteria.
    • June 11th-15th, Caleb needs help removing the coat hooks in the 1st and 2nd grade classrooms at West Campus. (Bolts in the wall. If you have ratchet sets, etc. it's a plus!)

      If you can help with either of these tasks, please email Caleb: caleb@denverlanguageschool.org.

  • Night Market Coordinators for Fall 2018. We are seeking new volunteers to help organize and coordinate our 2018 Night Market coming this Fall. Whatever your skill set, we can use it! Email Amanda at fundraising@dlspta.org to get involved and/or to get more information.  
  • Parent Leaders for Next Year - Please email president.elect@dlspta.org if you have any interest in learning more about these open positions, and we look forward to working with you next year!

Currently, the PTA is looking for the following board members and potential liaisons (1-2 year commitment):

    • School Support at Gilpin (1 person) to work with the fabulous Adam Tsai and with Whiteman School Support School Support officers are responsible for providing meals to our teachers during parent-teacher conferences, professional days, and for coordinating meals and other activities for Staff Appreciation Week in May.
    • School Support at Whiteman (1 person) to work with the fabulous Lucy Quintero and to coordinate with Gilpin School Support - see description above.
    • DLS Dads lead (1-2 people, not a board position)
    • Middle School International Trips liaison (1-2 people who have kids going on a trip, not a board position)

We’re also looking for some event/project leads and committee members (shorter time commitment):

    • Chinese New Year chair and committee (February)
    • Fiesta Hispanica committee (February or early March)
    • Silent Auction organizer (Saturday, October 27, 2018)
    • Used Uniform Sales committee (Registration and Meet-and-Greet nights in July-August)
    • Classroom Party Kids organizer (beginning and end of year)

And, last but not least, we need Room Parents

Event Volunteers

To sign up for ongoing event volunteer opportunities, please open the following electronic form (click the links - checkboxes are not clickable).

(To view the complete form, hover over the form and click on pop-up icon on the upper right corner or click here.)

If you have a specific skill you would like to donate (for example, a parent who owns a printing business donates all the school's banners) or an idea of how else you would like to contribute, please email volunteers@dlspta.org

Page last updated 28 May 2018