School Support

School Support The School Support Officer works with the DLS administration to identify the needs of the school, establishing roles & responsibilities to fulfill various volunteer functions, working with the Volunteer Coordinator(s) to find the right resources to provide the support. School Support includes the following standing committees:

Support your school by volunteering at DLS!  Visit the PTO Volunteer Website to see volunteer opportunities for parents.

Amy Beasley, 2012-2013 School Support Co-Chair


Susie Grant, 2012-2013 School Support Co-Chair

Originally from Chicago, Susie and her husband, Peter, have lived in Colorado for almost 10 years.  While Denver finally feels like home, her heart remains in Chi-Town with her family and the CUBS!  Susie and Peter, are raising their 3 children as Cubs fan as well, thus instilling values of humility and patience and understanding the importance of having long-term goals.   

The Grant's oldest child, Krey is in second grade, Mandarin.  Middle child, Will, enters DLS as a kindergartener in 2012 and Leah will follow in a couple more years.  Susie works part-time as a school social worker for Douglas County Schools and also works as an adoption social worker.  Hiking, snowshoeing, volleyball and now soccer fill the family's evenings and weekends.