PTA Meeting Schedule

Regular PTA meetings are usually held monthly or every other month. We try to tie the meetings into other events so parents have fewer events to schedule. Although the PTA makes an effort to have events at both the East and West campuses, room availability is severely limited at DLS West. Thank you DLS West parents for coming to the East Campus for school events. 

Keep an eye out on the PTA website, the PTA Facebook page, and school newsletters for details.

2017-2018 Meetings
  • Bingo and Pizza Night on November 16

    Our ever-popular Bingo Night is back! We'll be playing in the DLS East cafeteria on Thursday, November 16th from 6:00-7:30 p.m. All students and family members welcome!

    Join us and enjoy filling out your cards and scoring fun prizes. Teachers and administration will be calling the numbers. Pizza will be provided (plain cheese & pepperoni). Please bring a pot-luck side dish/dessert or drink to share. Come early for the PTA Meeting!

Page last updated 16 October 2017