Find Language Books

At the Library: 

Denver Public Library has a decent selection of Spanish language children's books as well as a few Mandarin books.  However, the selection at individual branches is often limited.  The best way to get books is to put them on hold to have them delivered to your local branch. 

Here's how to use the Denver Public Library website to find and hold books: 

Login to Denver Public Library at

1.  Select the search menu bar item. 
2.  On the displayed search screen, select More Search Options.  

3.  On the search options page, select the Target Audience for your child's reading level: 
  • Juvenile
  • Pre-adolescent
  • Preschool
  • Primary
4. Select the Target Language.  

5. Select "Set Search Options."

6. On the search page, insert an '*' into the search field. 

7.  Select Search.  

8. The search results display.  This provides a list of all books for the Target Language and the Target Audience.  

The results can be further narrowed by selecting options from the left hand column or entering additional search terms into the search fields.  

For Purchase: 

1. - Has a selection of Spanish and Chinese children's books for purchase
2. Barnes and Noble - Has a selection of Spanish children's books in the store as well as additional books online. 
3. The Bookies bookstore - Has both Mandarin and Spanish books available for purchase
4. Scholastic Book Fair - Spanish books are available at the DLS Book Fair in the fall.

If you know of other good resources for books in Mandarin or Spanish, please email so we can add it to the list.

Page last updated 9 August 2016