Are you a PTA member yet?

Membership in the Denver Language School PTA costs gives you a voice and a vote in what the PTA does and how we spend our money. Membership is for one year and must be renewed annually.

You can become a member of the DLS PTA by contributing at least $15 or after volunteering for 40 hours over the course of the school year.

To become a member through a contribution, you have two options: 

1. To join and contribute online via eCheck or credit card, click here (you can choose to create an account or pay as a guest).

2. To pay via cash or check, write a check for at least $15 dollars to DLS PTA or put cash in an envelope with a note that says it is for PTA membership. Drop it off in the clearly labeled "PTA Lockbox," located in the main office at either campus.

To become a member through volunteering:  

When you sign in for volunteer hours at school, flip to the back and sign in on the page for the first letter of your last name. Log the volunteer hours completed that day. Additionally, you can also log hours for time spent at home.  

Remember, you need to have volunteered a minimum of 40 hours to the school or PTA this school year in order to become a member for the next school year. Email for more information.

Is your teacher a member? Would s/he like to be? We encourage teacher involvement and know some parents have offered to sponsor their teachers into the PTA.

Page last updated 22 September 2017