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Meet our Denver Language School Platinum Sponsors!

At Back on the Rack we believe "It doesn’t have to be new to be perfect."  

Back on the Rack is one of Denver’s favorite Children’s Consignment Boutiques and is owned by a DLS Mother Amy Hanson. The Hansons have two DLS kids:  Cruz (4th Spanish) and Stella (K Spanish).

When we ask our kids what is the most important thing we can do for them, the answer usually involves spending more time with them one way or another. Our financial responsibilities often lead to a balancing act between spending time with our kids and paying the bills.

The average family spends $1,500 per year on kids clothing, not including toys and baby equipment for infants and toddlers. When you add in Birthday and Holiday toys the amount goes up quick!

Our goal is to cut that bill in half, whatever it happens to be for each family, so they can use those savings to take some extra time off from work or do something special for a child. Nobody remembers the shoes or clothes they wore as a child but they always remember a day of skiing together or a weekend trip to a hotel for the weekend with the family!

In addition to high-quality clothing, toys, and baby equipment, Back on the Rack sells all of the used DLS uniforms throughout the year. 100% of proceeds from sales of uniforms goes to the DLS PTA!

DLS families can also bring in gently used toys and baby gear year-round to donate on behalf of DLS - the DLS PTA receives 40% of the final sale amount of these items.

Learn more at and visit Back on the Rack at 600 South Holly Street, #104, Denver, CO 80246.

At Best Nest Wellness, we believe in your power to change the world. You make thousands of choices every day, and we want to make your family's wellness one of the easiest.

“To the world, you may be one person;
but to one person, you may be the world.”
—Josephine Billings

Best Nest Wellness
Founded by a doctor (and Denver Language School) mom, Best Nest Wellness aims to bring more delight to your every day by creating wellness products that are better for all families, everywhere. Our products are based on the latest medical advancements, coupled with the wisdom of nature.

We believe that every single person on this planet is pure potential. As part of our commitment to that belief, we are proud to give to Orion's Friends, a group of nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping people who are differently-abled.

Visit them online at

Brain Balance Program is a non-medical and drug-free approach to overcoming the challenges of ADHD, learning disabilities, processing disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, and a host of other related childhood learning and developmental issues. 

Our integrated approach combines physical and sensory motor exercises with academic skill training and healthy nutrition.

We invite you to visit our Brain Balance Center in Cherry Creek at 201 University Blvd., Denver, CO 80206 for a personal tour. You can observe our program in action, meet our dedicated team, and learn more about the many children we have helped right here in our community.

Visit us online at

DLS dad Alex Stokeld started
Get Battered (GB) Fish and Chips in May 2007 after years of dreaming about a chippie in his hometown Denver. He spent most of his summers growing up in England visiting his massive family (his dad was one of sixteen children). Naturally, he fell in love with fish & chips, and he realized that he couldn’t spend $800 every time he had a craving, so he opened his own fish and chip shop in Denver.

GB Fish and Chips also makes all of the English specialties in-house from scratch – yes, they stuff their own Bangers. Alex’s father, Andrew, has been making Bangers (traditional English pork sausages) and meat pies ever since he came to the states in 1963. He and his brothers had a business – Pickwick Pies – in the Bay Area until the mid-seventies supplying bars and restaurants with Bangers and pies. Since they were, and still are, the best this side of the pond, Alex knew he had to bring them back. And now they have a variety of pies and pasties to share with their customers.

Learn more at and visit their two Denver locations!

Kids Central is a nationally broadcast cable channel for children and families. Owned and operated by Condista Networks: a team of 4 entrepreneurs, including a Denver Language School Dad. Since the early 2000s, our company has launched Spanish-language TV channels in the U.S. and now we introduce our first English language channel, Kids Central. Television is a great escape. It’s fun to kick back and watch the latest show or the Broncos, but there should be some balance.  

Television is one of the most powerful communication and learning tools and we believe high-value fun-entertainment with learning opportunities is the core of our channel. Kids Central is our attempt to put that balance on TV: fun programs that still provide information and learning in both English and Spanish. Kids Central content is in English but all of our content is available in Spanish via SAP (Secondary Audio Programming). We hope you and your kids enjoy the programs we have selected for the channel and we look forward to hearing your feedback. 

Kids Central is
 available in Denver through Comcast on channel 597. During the day, Kids Central programming focuses on kids 3-7+ years old.  During primetime, Kids Central opens the screen for the entire family in a block branded as Family Central. Learn more at 

Owned by a DLS parent, Neighborhood Music (school) and Neighborhood Playhouse Children’s Theatre Co. bring together a community of music and theatre lovers, building relationships through music and theatre education, appreciation, and collaboration. 

        Bollywood-73.jpg  Recital-5_preview.jpeg

At Neighborhood Music, they believe that the arts should be an integral part of every stage of life. they offer personalized and private instruction in a vast array of instruments for musicians and children’s theatre exploration and productions for all ages and talents in a safe, positive, and fun environment. 

Visit them online:


LARGE Format Printer in Park Hill

SpeedPro Denver provides GREAT. BIG. GRAPHICS.

  • Banners to promote activities such as sporting competitions, seasonal announcement and for fundraising and other events

  • Directional signage for everyday use

  • Wall and window graphics for lobbies, hallways, and gymnasiums

  • Floor graphics for gymnasiums and ice rinks

  • Banners for hanging indoors or outside touting the school and its sponsors

Beyond schools, we wrap cars, trucks and trailer boxes from first trucks to hundreds of vans. We wrap elevators and Zambonis too! We support large trade shows with countless booth graphics and provide visuals for corporate events printing and installing everything from 40 foot welcoming banners to table-top signs and reusable retractable banners.

We are proud parents of DLS students and in-kind donors to DLS and other Park Hill schools. Visit us online at and check out our impressive portfolio.

Contact us at 303.426.4199 or denver@speedprodenver.

Three Week Kitchens believes in and supports the idea that good design enhances one's quality of life
and should be priced accordingly. 

Cherstin and Travis, the owners of

Three Week Kitchens Denver - Southeast, make it their mission to package good design, products, and services in response to their clients’ needs and desires. They approach any job, large or small with a commitment to maximize value. 

Travis and Cherstin have combined experience of 25 years in the design build industry in the Denver metro area. They have two children who attend DLS and we love the community and want to support it however we can. 

Learn more about Three Week Kitchens at or by calling 720-985-3230.


And our Night Market Title Sponsor: Kumon Lowry!


Vist them online at

And our Night Market Platinum Sponsors!


Visit them online at

CCAC Logo.png

Cherry Creek Athletic Club is Denver’s premier athletic club, setting the standard for first-class hospitality and excellence in health and fitness. With more than 150+ group exercise classes and specialized fitness programs and amenities, including Swim for Fitness, Hot Yoga, Kids’ Club, the Sanctuary Day Spa and the largest Pilates Studio in Denver, CCAC has something to offer everyone!

Visit us online: 

Contact Membership Sales Representative Jill Rothery for more information at or call (303) 339-5725. 

Porchlight Logo with names.jpg

Visit them online at

Rising Sun Distillery.png

Visit them online at

Hello DLS families! I’m Amy Klin, Owner of The Lice Cure (TLC) in Stapleton, wife and mom to two beautiful and adventurous daughters. As a parent, I know firsthand the nightmare head lice can cause to a household. In my own experience, after spinning my wheels for weeks with harsh and ineffective over-the-counter pesticide-based products, as well as numerous home remedies, I knew there had to be a better way, and so my mission began... 

TLC.jpgAfter much research, I entered the lice removal industry, where I became educated and professionally trained and certified as a lice removal specialist. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside educators, schools and camp counselors. I began The Lice Cure with the goal to help families avoid the myths and pitfalls of ineffective products and processes. The Lice Cure uses safe, non-toxic products to effectively treat and eradicate head lice. Saving families time, money, and their sanity. It has been rewarding to help many families and their children in the community. 

Head lice does not pose serious health concerns, why treat with products that do? 

Visit us online at  


Last updated: 28 January 2018