As a parent/caregiver at DLS, what do I need to do?

Be involved in what ever way works best for you! Join the PTA, donate money, become a room parent, attend community events, and volunteer your time in ways that work for you (we ask that each family volunteer 15 hours per year). While none of this is required, we hope everyone will get involved in some way.

Why should I join the PTA? What does membership get me?

Joining the PTA is a great way to support our school, both financially and as a show that you want to be an involved parent. When you join the DLS PTA with your annual $15 fee, you make great events like Night Market possible. Without insurance, purchased with PTA membership fee funds, many fun PTA events cannot take place. 

PTA members are allowed to vote on decisions that impact our school. For example, in the summer of 2017, members voted on how many and which big events we should have each year.

How can I join the PTA?

Membership is $15 per person and is renewed on an annual basis. You can join online to pay with eCheck or credit card, or membership forms/envelopes are available in each of the main offices at DLS East and DLS West if you wish pay via cash or check. For more details visit the Membership page.

We also encourage teachers and staff to join the PTA - maybe ask your teacher if you can sponsor him/her in the PTA?

Do both parents need to join the PTA?

We do encourage both parents/all caregivers to join, but it's not required. Membership is $15 per person per year.

When are PTA meetings, and do I have to attend?

PTA General Meetings are held roughly every other month - more in the fall than in the spring. We try to tie them into other events such as Coffee with the Principal, Bingo Night, or the Holiday Wrapping Party so that parents only have to come to the school once. They are usually held at DLS East because of space and building limitations at DLS West. Attendance is encouraged but not required, and meetings are usually about 30 minutes unless there's a larger issue up for discussion.

How do I sign up to volunteer for my 15 hours?

Visit the Volunteering page to sign up for slots to volunteer for various DLS activities and needs. Joining the PTA counts as one hour, and attending PTA and DLS Board meetings also counts as volunteer time. If you have a specific skill you would like to donate (for example, a parent who owns a printing business donates all the school's banners) or an idea of how else you would like to contribute, please email volunteers@dlspta.org.

What is Spirit Wear and where can I buy it?

Spirit Wear is a more casual DLS t-shirt that can be worn every Friday at both campuses. You can buy it at PTA events and year-round at Back on the Rack. There are also DLS bottles, magnets, and other swag to show your support for our school.

How much money am I expected to give to DLS?

We ask that each family donate $50 per student to the Staff Gift Fundwhich helps to cover staff and teacher gifts. The PTA spends approximately $150 per teacher per year, so any donation amount is appreciated.

Since DLS has a unique immersion model, there is a $400 gap between state funding and the cost to educate each child. If you can contribute $400 per student over the course of the year, great! If you can give more, that’s even better! If you can’t give money, please contribute your time to support our school if you can. We understand that parents are at all different levels and just ask for a contribution that’s meaningful to you.

What is Direct Giving?

The term "Direct Giving" means any direct donation to Denver Language School. Donations can be made via check or online, and online donations can be set up to automatically recur through Colorado Gives (coming soon). Donations are 100% tax deductible, and no donation is too small. Suggested donation is $50 per student at DLS, but that's only a suggestion.

To donate online, click here.

How does the PTA spend the money it collects?

The PTA supports school-wide events (for example, Night Market, Kickball, and our two cultural celebrations), teacher/staff gifts, teacher appreciation week, green/sustainable efforts, the family emergency fund, and many other things that help our school be a welcoming place for all families. For some examples, see the "How Does the PTA Spend its Money?" page. (Note: For the 2017-2018 school year, many things the PTA historically supported will now be supported by DLS directly. Any direct donations now go to the school as opposed to the PTA.)

Does Denver Language School need corporate sponsors?

Absolutely! Do you own a business, or know someone who does? Become a DLS Sponsor! 
Why Be a Sponsor? Our families represent a wide cross-section of Denver, coming from neighborhoods as far north as Stapleton and as far south as Observatory Park. Because of this, your business will receive much more exposure compared to a traditional neighborhood school. What is more, DLS will have almost 800 students and easily over 1,000 parents for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. Your business will have a unique opportunity to reach a much wider audience at DLS. Finally, if you choose to sponsor DLS, your business can use its donation as a tax write-off. 

We think we are pretty great, we hope you do too! Contact sponsorships@dlspta.org and visit the Sponsor the School page for more information!

How does the PTA work directly with school administration?

The PTA Executive Board works closely with DLS administration at both campuses. We have regular meetings with admin members so that we can ensure the PTA is best serving the needs and goals of our school.

Does the PTA help parents with problems at school?

Not directly. We assist with volunteers and financial needs as directed by school administration. If you have an issue at school, please talk to your teacher or to school administration.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions, email communications@dlspta.org and we will get your question to the right ears.

Page last updated 27 July 2017