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Kickball Tournament

Third Annual DLS Kickball Tournament
May 21, 2017

WHAT:  Third Annual DLS Kickball Tournament    
WHEN:  Sunday, May 21, 2017, 
time TBD
Location TBD
WHO:  Kids and adults, teachers & staff

If you attended the kickball tournament last year, you know what a FUN time this is. Spread the word! 

This is a family-friendly event and we want the entire DLS community to participate. While we will also try to fundraise, this is truly more about community-building. The kickball brackets are organized by class, so you and your student(s) get to play with friends and teachers. We would love each class to have a fundraising total of $1,000, so please give what you can. If not, no worries – we want everyone to come out and enjoy fun times with our DLS community.

Information from the 2016 Tournament - will be updated in Spring 2017

Please sign up at https://2016-kickball-tournament.cheddarup.com/ so we can ensure that each class has enough players. All players MUST sign up through the link and sign the waiver. You can also buy additions prior to the games, such as an extra out (4 per inning instead of 3) or a base.

We are seeking volunteers to help organize and plan the event. Time commitments range from an hour to being a referee for a game. Please sign up at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0a44ada92da57-kickball and thanks in advance for your help!


Teams are organized by class:

Each class team is encouraged to raise $1,000. Ideas to make that happen:

  • Pay per player participating - 50 players on your team (kids included in the fun!) - each player pays $20
  • Pay per family participating - make a donation on behalf of your family.
  • Find a business to sponsor your team (or even part of your team!)
  • Buy an out or an extra base for your class prior to the game start.

4 top-grossing teams get a bye in the first round of play.

Email fundraising@dlspta.org with any additional questions.


Tournament and Games

Each kickball game will be 25 minutes long, regardless of the number of innings played. The tournament is bracket-style, with game winners moving ahead in the bracket to play the next team. Classes that do not win their games will not advance in the bracket and are done playing in the tournament. There are five minutes between games. A team that is not on the field three minutes after the scheduled start time will forfeit the game and it will be considered a loss.

Field and Equipment

A kickball field needs four bases in a diamond shape. The pitching strip will be predetermined. 


Kickball rules permit a team to have a minimum of 9 players during a kickball game. It is a good idea to have a pitcher and fielders at all the bases. For every adult participating in the game, there needs to be two children.

If a team has fewer than 9 players, the team may be supplemented by volunteers from other classes. However, for the final championship game, if one of the teams needs supplementing, it may supplement only to the number of players on the other team. If a team does not need supplementing in the other round, players who have not previously played with that team may not join in. For those teams who have been eliminated, please stick around to cheer for the two in the finals!


The pitcher delivers the ball, and must do so with one foot in contact with the pitching rubber. The ball must be rolling or have bounced twice before reaching home plate to be counted as a fair pitch. If the ball passes through the strike zone and the kicker does not make contact, it counts as a strike. A ball that goes wide of the strike zone, or is not rolling, or did not bounce twice counts as a ball.

Kicking, Running, and Bases

Kicking order on the team is 1 adult then 2 kids, cycling through the team. 

The batter must run to first base after any ball that is kicked. Foul lines extend out from first and third base, and a ball must be insider these lines to be in play (otherwise, it is foul and a strike). One run is scored every time a runner reaches home. 

If extra bases were purchased for the class, this must be announced to the referee ahead of time and both teams need to be made aware of the number of extra bases on each team prior to the game start. No extra bases can be purchased during the game, and no more than two extra bases per inning may be used. The extra bases must be used prior to the third out of the inning. The team can decide to use its extra base(s) at any point in the game.


Each team gets three outs per inning, unless an extra out for the class has been purchased. A kicker is out when the fielding team touches a base with a ball before the kicker arrives, or if he is hit with a thrown ball below the shoulders while running the bases. A kicked ball caught by a fielder before hitting the ground will also result in an out. A kicker is out if three strikes are thrown, or if a ball is kicked foul on the third strike.

If extra outs were purchased for the class, this must be announced to the referee ahead of time and both teams need to be made aware of the number of extra outs on each team prior to the game start. No extra outs can be purchased during the game, and no more than two extra outs per inning may be used. The team can decide to use its extra out(s) during any inning(s) in the game.


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